1. We were founded by teachers

Yes, that’s right, in 2012, five teachers who had recently completed Teach First traveled to Uganda to lead teacher training for 26 teachers. Over the next couple of years, we developed our partnership model for teacher development, taking inspiration from Teach for All and the other leaders in the sector and began working in a number of other countries. By 2015, we’d trained over 3,000 teachers across 9 countries around the world and the impact of our community was beginning to be felt. Today, Fellows from around the world join our team and become educational mentors to teachers in limited resource contexts.

2. We’re doing something no one else is

Search high and low (we have!), you won’t find another organisation that brings teachers from across the world together to train teachers in limited resource contexts. I know, we were shocked too! Not only has the UN identified quality education as one of their Global Goals for sustainable development, but throughout the world, teacher retention is becoming an increasingly concerning issue. We’re the only organisation running cross-border teacher development at this scale.

3. We’re a Top 10 B-Corp Certified Company

‘What does this mean?’ I hear you say! Well…As a registered B-Corp, we are a business that meets the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. LRTT is in the top percentile of these companies who are held to the highest ethical standards. For more information about B-Corp certified companies, you can visit their website here.

4. You will leave feeling empowered too

Most LRTT Fellows join to share their own skills and experience in order to make a sustainable difference to global education. In reality, most Fellows come away feeling like they have learnt, grown and developed so much themselves. It really is a powerful experience for all. Don’t just take our word for it, hear it from Fellows on our reviews page.

“Without doubt, LRTT is my most valuable CPD to date. It’s developed me as a teacher and a leader and I have every intention of staying involved for many years to come.”

Sam LRTT Fellow, Tanzania

5. You can log 100 hours of Professional Development.

It will never feel this much, but trust us when we say, each fellowship provides a minimum of 100 hours of professional development. From co-designing and implementing professional development sessions with Fellows, to leading instructional coaching and observations that help teachers set their own professional development goals, the Fellow role helps develop teachers’ classroom practice and leadership skills - all against the backdrop of wonderful countries such as Uganda, India and Laos!

6. All teachers are welcome!

Whether you’re new to the profession, or an old hand, all teachers are welcome. Having teams of Fellows with diverse skills and experience is what makes the Fellowship experience such a valuable one for all teachers. Since our foundation, we’ve welcomed Fellows from over 30 countries worldwide, each one brings something different to our amazing teams.

7. All our Fellowships take place during school holidays

All our International Fellowships coincide with the school holidays, so whether you’re a teacher from the UK, US, Australia or New Zealand, there is a Fellowship for you that requires no pre-arrangement and is low commitment. Read our blog, “What teachers do in their Summer Holiday”

“I’m going to return to school and really hit the ground running. LRTT has been the most amazing start to my career.”

Rochelle LRTT Fellow, Nepal

See Rochelle’s Story in video here

8. The LRTT team is everywhere!

From Argentina to New Zealand and many countries in between, the LRTT team is based all over the world. The diverse mix of skills and experience that this gives us has helped us become stronger as an organisation as we build a truly global community that represents all teachers. Find out more about who we are here.

9. You will get to explore the country too

Fellows get the opportunity to see and experience the best of the countries they visit on group excursions of a weekend. You will build authentic relationships with people and communities and experience the very best of culture, wildlife and adventure. Gorilla tracking, temple visits, or even white water rafting, there’s something there for everyone!

10. We’re award winners

I know, go us!! LRTT have won numerous awards and achievements for our work including the Pan African Award for Entrepreneurship in Education. As well as being selected as a Teach First Innovation Partner in 2014, we are also part of the Teach for All Network and 2017 Agora Accelerator Alumni.

So, we hope you understand a little bit more about LRTT, where we have come from, our mission, and our team. If you are interested in teacher training abroad on an LRTT Summer Fellowship, please visit our website at www.lrtt.org/fellowships.