Organizing an exciting activity that provides a return on donations is a great way to raise funds. Of equal importance, however, is the benefit your fundraiser brings to people’s lives, either by creating a fun outing, activity, or providing something of value.

Fundraising on your own, or as a school or class, is an exciting opportunity to raise money for a worthy cause. It’s also a chance to strengthen the bonds which tie together a school community.

As with any school fundraising initiative, ensure you gain permission from your Principal/Head Teacher before involving the school community. Remain transparent about what you are fundraising for before and during any initiative. This not only makes people aware of your project, but it also assures donors that their money is serving a clear purpose.

So, with that in mind, read on to discover a selection of 70 effective fundraising ideas for schools!

Start a Fundraising Page Online

Online crowdfunding is the immediate go-to for many fundraisers around the world. Some success stories we have seen previously include a Fellow raising £2,120 and another reaching 110% of their fundraising goal, enabling them both to undertake LRTT Fellowships. A fundraising page is one of the best ways to gather donations from friends, family, and your school community. Also, any online contributor who happens to find your cause worthy of a donation has the option to donate. At the moment, GoFundMe is the go-to for most crowd funders, but our Fellows have also had notable success with the below platforms:

  • Crowdfunder (UK)
  • JustGiving (UK)
  • Donors Choose (USA, specifically for teachers/classrooms fundraising)
  • Chuffed (AU, this is another site specifically for education-related campaigns)
  • PledgeMe (NZ)
  • Fundly (Global)
  • Indiegogo (Global)

Make use of free design tools to create some eye-catching promo

Our favorite is Canva. Canva is a free design tool. It allows even the most digitally un-savvy person to create eye-catching promotional materials using a huge library of templates, graphics, and photos. Use this to whip up posters, leaflets, and social media posts. You can upload your own photos and your school logo if required!

Dog Walking

Dog walking is a great way to fundraise, exercise, and bond with man’s best friend. Advertise your service over social media and in a school newsletter. Be sure to stock up on leads (and, quite possibly, plastic bags).

Run a “dress-up day”

Each child brings in a dollar or two to take part in the chosen activity. This is an effective way to raise a couple of hundred dollars depending on the number of students in your school.

A Gold Coin Donation fundraising ideas for your school are:

Fancy dress - the children get to dress up in a costume of their choice, or according to a chosen theme. Get students excited by running competitions for the best dressed! For some inspiration, check out this article which showcases the best children’s dress-ups for 2016’s “World Book Day.”

  • Silly socks - children wear their most outrageous socks to school. Prizes for the most snazzy.
  • Dress the teacher - each child pays a dollar to bring in an interesting item of clothing or accessory for their teacher to wear. The teacher has to wear an outfit of crazy combinations for a given period of time, or all day! If many classes are partaking, perhaps run a fashion parade with awards given to the class with the most crazily dressed teacher.
  • Mufti day - if your school usually has a uniform policy, the children can contribute a “gold coin” to wear their usual outfit.
  • Pyjama day - pay a gold coin and attend school in PJs. An easy one for parents as it saves the hassle of getting kids dressed in the morning!

Organize a School Dance/Disco

The music, the candy, the dollar-store streamers, and the, um, “interesting” hairstyles; who doesn’t love a school dance? For elementary/primary schoolers, have a look at this helpful guide for pulling off a dance party that is a roaring success.

For high schoolers, perhaps something a little more formal? Formal dances carry a heavier price tag, but are very popular and generally tend to reap a higher return. This guide provides a helpful outline of how to organize a successful high school dance.

Create a Class Recipe Book

Cooking is a powerful force for connection. So, class recipe books are a great way to engage both students and the wider community by tapping into everyone’s inner foodie.

Creating recipe books allows students to develop writing and presentation skills. It also teaches easy culinary tricks that will serve them for many years to come. Turn it into an educational class activity and link it to your Fellowship by researching popular recipes in the country you are heading to!

By using free design software (like Canva), it’s never been easier to produce and sell handmade handbooks. You can sell them at school fairs, via newsletters, and even online.

Trivia Night

Who doesn’t love a trivia night? Trivia nights are a fantastic way to engage the community in an activity that is bound to amount to a night of competitive fun. Most local bars and pubs will likely already be familiar with the concept. They may even have a quiz set up ready for you to use. Once organized, you may want to promote the event over social media. Make sure you detail the cause you’re fundraising for. Attendees can either pay per head or per team. For a comprehensive guide to organizing a successful trivia night, check out this article.

Movie Night

School movie nights are bound to draw crowds. You can raise funds by charging an entry fee and/or selling drinks and snacks. For step-by-step instructions on how to run a school movie night, check out this guide.

Film Festival

A film festival also allows students to get creative. Give students two weeks to write, shoot, and direct a short film of their choosing. Then, once production has wrapped, assemble a panel of judges and host your own “Snowdance” or “Cannes” in the school auditorium. Award prizes, such as best writing, best costumes, and best director. Charge a small attendance fee, and be sure to promote over as many channels as possible. Before long, you’ll have a fundraiser that engages students and provides an avenue for any budding filmmakers to show off their skills.

Local business partnership

Local businesses are often eager for exposure within their community. In return for a small amount of promotion, businesses may be happy to sponsor your Fellowship. All you have to do is approach them and make a proposal. Promotion may take the form of including a logo on promotional material for any fundraisers you run. You can also mention the business in any blog/ social media content related to your Fellowship, or in the school newsletter, and ask your principal if the proceeds can go toward your Fellowship.

Clothes Swap

Have you ever heard of the 8020 wardrobe rule?

Well, the theory goes that we use only 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. The other 80% is likely gathering dust in your wardrobe. Clothes swaps are a great way to lengthen the lives of garments. They’re also a great way to host a sustainable, effective and community-centric fundraiser.

Gather donations from those in your school community who are willing to take part. Then, choose a suitable location and promote the event. Ask for a donation from those who attend, or perhaps even charge a reasonable price for the clothes people wish to take home. For more detailed tips on how to run a successful clothes swap, check out this guide.


Read-athons are a great method of fundraising for schools while also promoting literacy. Do you like the idea of a fundraiser that brings learners together and inspires a love of reading? If yes, a read-athon might be for you.

For this fundraiser, gather a number of willing participants. These volunteers will be tasked with reading as many books as they can within a specific time period (2 weeks is the standard, but it’s up to you!). The actual “fundraising” part of this fundraiser takes place when students gather pledges from relatives, teachers, neighbors, and family friends. Prizes can also be awarded to students who complete the most books.

Overall, a read-a-thon is a fantastic fundraising idea that inspires children to spend two weeks reading as opposed to giving in to technological vices. Shared learning is a crucial part of any successful school environment. A good way to spark shared learning is to promote a common love of reading. This guide outlines in more detail how a read-athon can be successfully organized.

Run a Book Club

Run a bookclub in the school community and ask for a small donation for each attendee per session. Easier to organise is a silent bookclub, where people bring their own book and enjoy an hour or two of reading in quiet company.

Bingo Night

Bingo is a simple, social, and easy-to-run game that can be played by a roomful of people. It’s a great method of fundraising in part because it involves the entire school community. Parents, kids, and grandparents can compete to take home a prize of your choosing. Bingo is so versatile you can even combine it with other fundraising events. For example, why not host a round of bingo at a cook-off? Or even at a school fair? For a step by step manual on how to set up a successful round or two of bingo, check out this guide.

Carol Singing

Carols are a quintessential part of the festive season providing children and teachers alike with an opportunity to brighten their community.

Key things to remember for this fundraiser are as follows; A location, a respectful means of asking for donations, and, most importantly, the words to the songs! Carol singing can involve traveling from door to door in your neighborhood. Or, by picking a suitable location in a public place like a market square or shopping center (do make sure you have the necessary permissions).

Teddy Bears Picnic

For younger children, a teddy bear picnic could be a roaring success. All that is required is a sunny day, some tasty food, attendees, and willing teddy bears. This is a great way to create an outing for both parents and young kids, whilst also raising money for a good cause.

Ask for a small donation and for attendees to bring along a small packed lunch.

Tea Towel Decoration

One of our favourite fundraising ideas for schools is creating a school or class tea towel. Tea-towel decoration is an excellent way to involve the school community and tap into the children’s creativity. Get together as a class, year group, or whole school (depending on size) to design a tea towel which you can then sell to parents and staff alike. What can you put on the tea towel? It’s up to you! A common design is to do a full school portrait. This means having each child draw a small portrait of themselves with their name signed underneath. Be sure to add the name of the school as well as the year. With the help of a printing company, you’ll have some beautiful pieces of memorabilia to sell to the school community at a reasonable price.

School Breakfast

Waking groggy children, packing lunches, and hurrying out the door; the school run can be a stressful time for all involved. Taking breakfast out of the equation, if only for a day, can help mitigate that stress. With the help of volunteers, prepare a healthy, delicious breakfast for pupils to enjoy. Set up space in the classroom or school cafeteria and ask a reasonable donation from attendees.

Recycling Drive

To encourage recycling, many city councils pay for recyclable products such as bottles and cans. If your city does this, then a recycling drive is a great way to involve the school community. It’s also a project that promotes environmental consciousness.

All this fundraiser requires is volunteers, a collection place, and a sorting place. Advertise the recycling drive in advance of the day(s) you plan on holding it. Be sure to notify people of where to drop off their recycling. Transport will be required to move items from the drop-off point to the sorting location.

Be conscious of the weather when choosing a location to sort recycling. This fundraiser requires a lot of legwork and cold/ wet weather can create a rather miserable affair. If sorting indoors, do be aware that most recycling is also garbage, so it might help to have a comprehensive clean-up plan in place. For an in-depth guide for how to run a successful recycling drive, head to this website here.

Multicultural Festival

Multicultural festivals are a fantastic way to fundraise for schools. They promote global awareness among your school community by exposing schoolchildren to other cultures by way of stories, art, and food. You can even tie the festival to the country you’ll be heading to on your Fellowship! For instance, adopt a Malaysian theme for your festival if that is where you’re headed. This allows children to develop a personal connection to the country and increase interest in your experience.

To turn this idea into a successful fundraiser for your school, follow these instructions.

School Magazine

Producing a school magazine gives students a chance to write and design their own publications. A magazine can be used to showcase creative talents such as writing, poetry, and art (among others). For parents and teachers, magazines are a great way to celebrate the school. They also act as a piece of memorabilia for years to come.

Magazines are relatively easy to produce. They can be made at a local print shop. If you’re not much of a designer, you can use this web tool to generate a premade layout.

Raise funds through charging a small amount for each magazine, or reaching out to local businesses to pay for advertising space. Check out this guide for more information.

Open Mic Night

From poetry to speeches to stand-up comedy, an open mic provides a perfect avenue for those children who are equal parts creative and unafraid of public speaking. All you need is a venue, promotional material, and a lineup of speakers. For step by step instructions for how to organize an open mic night, check out this article.

Run a Concert

A concert, much like an open mic, is an effective way to encourage creativity among students by unleashing their inner musicians. All concerts require is promotion, a venue, and students who are willing to perform. Moreover, in addition to students, perhaps reach out to local musicians.

The cost for this fundraiser will largely depend on its scale. If you’re hosting professional musicians, they may have to be compensated. You may also need to consider equipment costs. For a full how-to for this fundraiser, check out this guide.

Battle of the Bands

This fundraiser works best for high school students. A battle of the bands pits two or more student bands against each other to determine who takes home a prize of your choosing. This is a great opportunity to involve the wider community. Local musicians and enthusiasts can attend as judges or donate that can be used as prizes. All that is required is a panel of judges, two or more musical acts, a venue, effective promotion, and an audience. Donations can be collected from attendees and performers.

A School Play

School plays are tried and tested fundraisers that draw large crowds of proud parents and allow students to try their hand at the dramatic arts. For this fundraiser to work, perhaps consider charging a small entry fee. Or, ask for a small donation from attendees.

Art Exhibition

An art show fundraiser allows students to produce a series of visual art pieces. These will be exhibited and sold to members of the school community. Dedicate a portion of class time each day to produce works in the run-up to the exhibition. Each student can select a medium to work with and produce one or more paintings along a specific theme.

On the day of the exhibition, display these paintings in an empty classroom or school hall. Invite parents, teachers, and other members of the school community to attend. For that little bit extra, include spot prizes and a panel of judges to identify and celebrate budding artists. Raise funds by asking for a donation from attendees, or perhaps by taking a fixed portion of what each piece sells for.

T-Shirt Design Contest

T-shirts are a fun, creative way to fundraise for schools. Similar to creating a tea towel, assemble your class and task each with creating a school t-shirt. Then, assemble your panel of judges to assess each design and pick a winner. Take the winning design to a print shop and then sell it within the school community.

School Calendars

Continuing on our trend of getting creative, school calendars are another way to fundraise while tapping into your students’ inner artists. First, a student’s caregivers must express interest in purchasing their child’s calendar. Then, each student draws a picture of their choosing. Once the pictures are ready, take the designs to a print shop to have them turned into single-image, tear-off calendars. Then, raise funds through the proceeds by selling these personalized designs to parents and families.

Book Swap

Book fairs are a great way to both fundraise and inspire a love of reading. Parents, teachers, and students alike can enjoy this event, the proceeds of which are a surefire way to make a serious impact on your saving goals. For a how-to for this fundraiser, check out this guide.

Potluck Lunch

A potluck lunch is a quick and easy way to raise funds whilst providing a fun lunchtime experience for school children. Pick a date for the shared lunch. Then, ask children if they’d like to bring to school a dish of their choosing which they will share with the class at lunchtime. Simply ask for a small $1-2 donation per child. It’s a great way to encourage healthy eating and trying new foods.

Flower Sales

Flower sales are a wonderful opportunity for a class outing. This fundraiser depends on the time of year, summer being the best time to head out as wildflowers will be in bloom.

Make a field trip out of visiting a local park or reserve. With permission from the park, teach them to pick sustainably and in small amounts. Each child can then return to school and sell the flowers at the flower stall. Or, approach a local florist and see if they would like to partner up with you for this fundraiser.

A Dinner Party For Parents

A dinner party is a great way to fundraise with just adults. It allows you to get creative while sharpening your hosting and cooking skills. If you’re eager to learn more about how you can host the perfect dinner party fundraiser, check out this guide.

Chocolate Box Selling

Chocolate box fundraising is a popular method of fundraising for schools, and is used by schoolchildren all over the world. The key draw of this fundraiser is that it’s easy to organize. This is because it’s usually done in partnership with confectionary companies, such as Cadbury.

Host a Raffle

A tried and tested technique since time immemorial. Reach out to local businesses for prize donations in return for publicity within your wider school community. Depending on the size of your school, this may provide a profitable opportunity for the company. You may also be able to get a hold of some exciting prizes!

Sell the tickets at a scaffolded price (e.g. 1 for $1, 5 for $3, 10 for $5) depending on the value of the prizes. Make someone’s day with a bag of goodies all while fundraising for a life-changing teaching Fellowship.

Pet Party

For this fundraising idea, have your children bring their pet(s) to school at lunchtime for a shared lunch and pet party. Schoolchildren who bring their pets should also bring along a signed permission slip from a parent or caregiver, and a small donation.


A cook-off is a great way to involve the school community in sharing delicious food and testing culinary skills. Simply choose a location, date, and time. Then, assemble volunteers, hungry judges, and eager spectators. Looking to add a bit of spice? Make this event a chili cook-off. Raise funds through ticket sales, by selling individual dishes, or an entry fee for chefs.

Yard Sale

Yard sales are an excellent method of fundraising for schools and decluttering your home. Extend an offer to other homes in your neighborhood, asking if there was anything they were willing to donate to this fundraiser.

Game Night

A board game competition is a great way to involve your school community in an evening of competitive fun. Pick a suitable location, promote to spread the word, and assemble a collection of board games. Provide drinks and snacks and you can charge a decent entry fee!

Coffee For Teachers

This fundraising idea requires access to a coffee machine which might need an up-front investment. While coffee machines are often available for rent, filter coffee can work just as well, especially in terms of making a difference on those cold, winter mornings. Some businesses even offer “coffee packs.” These are select bundles of grounds and presses purpose-built for fundraising. Coffee fundraisers are also very effective at sports games.

A School Fair

School fairs are a tried and tested fundraising technique. They need a substantial amount of effort to organize and pack up. But, the results of a well-run school fair are beneficial to your fundraising goals and the wider school community. To plan, pick a suitable outdoor location and organize activities and events to take place on a given weekend afternoon. These can include a bouncy castle, cotton candy, face painting, and/or a raffle.

Sports Tournament

Sports tournaments are an effective way to promote team sports and exercise among your students. They can be organized individually or in partnership with a local sporting league. First, select a sport for students to compete in (i.e. football). Assign teams, then layout tournament rules and guidelines before inviting parents, friends, and other families to support. For that little bit extra, organize medals and prizes for first, second, and third place.

Bake Sale

This fundraising idea is both effective and easy to organize. All it requires is willing volunteers, a suitable location, and ample time for the creation and sale of delicious baking. For a comprehensive guide, check out this how-to.

Short Story Competition

A short story competition is a great way to tap into students’ creativity. It also allows them to develop key writing and storytelling skills that will serve them well later in life. For this fundraiser, assemble a collection of willing volunteers who are then tasked to write a short story over the course of two weeks. This story can be in line with a specific theme (perhaps something related to your Fellowship?). Next, assemble a panel of judges to award prizes to first, second, and third place. Fundraising can take the form of donations for entry, or even through the sale of a booklet containing all entered stories.

Speech Competition

This competition allows students to practice and enhance essential public speaking skills. In a similar set up to a short story competition, assign students with the task of preparing a speech on a select topic over the course of two weeks. Then, select the best speeches to compete in later rounds for the opportunity to win a coveted prize of your choosing. To fundraise with this event, ask for a small donation from attendees.

Photography Competition

For this fundraiser, assemble entries from around your school and wider school community. Charge a small fee for entrants, and assemble a panel of judges. Be sure to have some enticing first, second, and third-place prizes. Perhaps even sources prizes from local businesses who may be willing to donate something in the form of coupons, gift cards, or even a gift basket.

Pet Rock Competition

As silly as they sound, pet rock competitions are a bona fide hit among younger students. On a given weekend afternoon, children can come to school with their parents to decorate a “pet rock.” Be sure to supply ample amounts of glitter, poster paint, felt, and googly eyes. The winner will take home a coveted prize. You can fundraise by asking for donations from adult attendees.


A book fair is a great way to raise funds and inspire a love of reading. Many publishing companies or local bookstores often already have a plan in place for this kind of fundraiser and are readily available to work with you. Simply get in touch and ask.

You can raise funds through a book fair by profit-sharing with your chosen partner. Another option is to ask for a small donation from attendees. Like all fundraisers, this one in particular, relies on promotion. Spread the word of your book fair through newsletters, social media, and other channels.

Guest Speaker

This fundraising idea is a great way to engage your school community with a particular issue. It also provides an opportunity to tie your Fellowship to tangible real-world issues. But, this fundraiser requires a decent amount of research and preparation.

First, find an individual who is authoritative on a particular subject. Also, make sure that their message will be of interest to your school community. They can be an author, poet, artist, professional speaker, business owner, or filmmaker. Essentially, you’re looking for anyone with a powerful message and proven ability in relaying it. Be sure that your choice is tasteful and won’t ruffle any feathers among your school community. This speaker must also be willing to voluntarily speak and receive little in the way of compensation other than (perhaps) a gift basket. To fundraise, ask for a donation from attendees.

Paint n’ Sip (for Teachers)

This fundraiser, due to the involvement of wine, is exclusive to adults. For a fun night in, assemble some attendees around a collection of paints, canvases, and empty glasses. Attendees can provide their own drinks, and then spend the evening creating a masterpiece or two in the presence of good company. This fundraiser is a great way to get to know the members of your school community. It’s also sure to produce plenty of laughs, if not magnificent pieces of art. For a slightly more accessible evening, move the wine component and instead provide snacks and nibbles. Ask donations from those attending.


If you’re artistically inclined, portraiture is a great way to fundraise! Portraiture can be done in public if speed drawing and caricatures are your things. If not, portraiture can be done on commission. Everyone from people to pets can be drawn for a reasonable price.

Fun Run

A fun run is a great way to raise both school spirit and funds. Fun runs are also popular because they promote physical fitness. Students, teachers, and anyone in the school community who’s eager to compete can solicit donations from supporters. After running a monitored course, attendees collect donations based on personal pledges. These are then donated to your cause and a charity of your choice.

Athletics Day

Set up an athletics day where students compete in a miniature Olympics on school grounds or in a local park. With permission, use the athletics equipment your school has available. Like a fun run, this event promotes physical fitness and healthy competition. To fundraise, charge a small $1-2 donation upon entry.

Crazy Hat Day

For this school fundraising idea, children make a small donation of their choosing and arrive at school in their craziest hats. These can be anywhere from paper hats, to cowboy hats, to pirate hats. You could even hold a parade during lunch.

Make a Time Capsule

Time capsules are a great way to bring your school community together. Traditionally, they are a historic cache of goods and information sealed away in a location that ensures the long-term preservation of their contents. To fundraise, ask for a donation from Individuals who wish to place an item in the time capsule.

School Veggie Garden and Veggie Market

This fundraising idea is a great way to introduce children to the process of cultivating a garden. This teaches them essential methods of living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. To fundraise, parents, teachers, and other members of the school community can have the option of sponsoring the garden.

A School Radio Show/ Podcast

Radio shows are a great way to provide children with hands-on experience in the areas of presenting and audio editing. Members of the school community, and also local businesses, can choose to sponsor the show. This fundraising idea does have significant barriers to entry. For instance, the initial costs of equipment and a suitable recording studio. If your school has access to a microphone set-up, then this cost is mitigated. However, if not, renting out a studio on a regular basis may make this fundraising technique significantly more difficult.

Release a Christmas Album

Like choir singing, this fundraising idea helps brighten your community with Christmas spirit. The costs of hiring a recording studio can provide a notable barrier to entry. But, the sale of this album to parents, teachers, and other members of the community has the potential to create large returns.

Lucky Dip

A Lucky dip is an easy fundraising idea to run in school. This game of chance can run alongside other events, such as a school fair. Charge contestants to try their luck at the chance to win an exciting prize.

Penalty Shootout

Penalty shootouts are a great fundraising game that requires very little effort to set up. Like many of these fundraisers, it can be organized alongside another. For example, a penalty shootout fundraiser can take place at a school fair or athletics day. Teachers can take turns as the goalkeeper, while students pay $1-2 to have up to 5 shots at goal.

Easter Egg/ Scavenger Hunt

Organizing this fundraiser around a holiday provides an easy theme for this popular event. For example, if hosting a scavenger hunt in December, have the hidden items be Christmas tree ornaments. Around Easter, eggs are the way to go! Scavenger hunts are a great way to engage the school community. They’re a fun outdoor activity that can easily provide a couple of hundred dollars for your cause.

Yoga Class

This fundraiser requires access to the school gym and an experienced yoga instructor. Be sure to provide clear ideas of the kind of publicity you might be able to offer them in return. To fundraise, ask for donations from attendees, or charge a fixed fee.

For added fundraising, you could also make smoothies or smoothie bowls to sell on the day of the event.

Make a Quilt

A class quilt is an effective piece of memorabilia that helps build school pride. Members of the school community will have the opportunity to donate to the quilt and send in ideas/ cuttings for what they want to go on. For an in-depth how-to for this particular fundraiser, check out this guide.

Mario Kart Tournament

This fundraising idea does require access to a Nintendo console as well as ample amounts of snacks and drinks. A Mario Kart tournament is a surefire way to engage kids for an evening of exciting, competitive fun. Like many of the fundraisers on this list, you can hold this event alongside other events, such as a school sleepover (or dinner party). Simply ask for a small $1-2 donation from those attending.

Beach Cleanup

Beach cleanups are a great way to make a difference in the local community. They also teach kids important lessons surrounding ocean sustainability. Assemble a group of volunteers from your school community. Advertise the event, then, select a beach to comb for a day. Volunteers can also collect pledges for amounts of rubbish picked up. If your local council pays for recycling, drop off recyclable items at a local depot for that little bit extra towards your fundraising goal.

School Sleepover

To young people, sleepovers are an exciting prospect. The opportunity to stay up late? Talk after lights out? Eat midnight snacks with friends? What child could resist? For this fundraiser, ask children to bring a small donation. Be sure to provide ample snacks.

X Games (for kids)

Are there any young Tony Hawks in attendance at your school? Find out with this fundraiser. This toned-down X-games does away with half-pipes. These are instead replaced with an obstacle course that kids can navigate on a pushbike, scooter, or skateboard. Kids will be timed per course and will receive extra points for tricks. First, second, and third place means a prize. Ensure that helmets and appropriate pads are worn at all times. Also, like many of these fundraisers, be sure to have parents sign a permission slip.

Car Wash

A car wash is equal parts easy to run and profitable making it a great way of fundraising for schools.

What does it need? A high-traffic location, willing volunteers, some eye-catching promo, and a warm, sunny day. School staff can take part as volunteers. Children can also get involved so long as they’re supervised and compensated.

One area where schoolchildren can contribute is advertising. Set aside some lesson time and have students get creative by creating eye-catching promo in the form of posters and placards. For that extra bit of visibility, be sure to also promote the event over social media. Next, choose a location close to the school that has high visibility and a good amount of traffic. Assemble your volunteers on a weekend, set a reasonable fee for a car wash, and you’re away.

Coupon Books

Selling coupon books is a tried and tested method of fundraising for schools. It’s very much a win-win for you and the businesses that participate. Most coupon books come pre-made and are available for order online.

Fundraising letters

Fundraising letters are a way to reach out to prospective donors that carry that personal touch so often lacking in cold calling or emails. Check out this guide to see how you can craft effective appeals to fundraise for your LRTT Fellowship.

Cranes/ Prayer Flags

1000 paper crane campaigns are a great way to raise money from individual pledges for your teaching Fellowship. Simply advertise your task, your progress, and why you’re taking on this challenge. When done, hanging your creations can make for some attractive decoration.

Alternatively, if you’re traveling to Nepal on a Fellowship, consider replacing 1000 paper cranes with handmade prayer flags.

When it comes to fundraising for schools, there are many options at your disposal. Whether you are raising money for your LRTT Fellowship, for charity, or for a school-wide project, remember that creativity is key. Pick any one of the fundraising ideas from this list and put your own personal spin on it. Or, combine 2 or 3 to create your own, unique event!

Many of our Fellows utilize their school network to raise funds for their Fellowship. If you are interested in joining an LRTT Fellowship working alongside like-minded teachers to empower and upskill teachers overseas, **find out more here. **