My name is Herbert Niwagaba (Herbert Sean Agaba). I am a teacher at Top Hill Primary School, found in Kanungu District, Uganda, and I am also a Lead Teacher with LRTT.

LRTT International Fellowships

I joined LRTT in 2016, where I attended workshops with Lauren Brostow and Sara Schaaf as my course trainers. My first participation was inspiring, but what amazed me most and changed my life was being chosen as a Lead Teacher. Great thanks to you Lauren and Sara.

Before I participated in LRTT workshops, teaching was not as enjoyable as it is now. I sincerely planned to quit teaching whenever my class would fail to respond to my teaching or students got poor grades. I was always filled with misery and teaching was becoming hard. My days would be long and quite tiresome.

By joining LRTT I have started seeing education from a different perspective, learning new strategies for motivating my students. I have learned that to be a teacher you must be ready to be a motivator to your students. As a teacher you must think of different approaches to make your class be in the spirit of learning everyday.

The skills and strategies I have acquired have made me a better teacher and I hope to continue to improve. I am even more motivated to work with all the [partners]() working towards quality education.

“A better teacher does not change students, they change the world.”

I am grateful for having joined this global change making project, where I have made lots of friends, both local and international. Thank you Lauren and Sarah who discovered me. I thank all the international fellows I have worked with: Wayne, Edith, Abby, Courtney, James, Sophie, and Robert.

Written by Herbert Niwagaba

Lead Teacher, Top Hill Primary School, Uganda

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