Greetings from Penang, Malaysia

Warm greetings from Penang, Malaysia. I am Ms Cheam, from Penang Chung Ling High School. I first heard about LRTT Fellows coming to Penang, Malaysia in August 2017. I was pretty excited when my school Principal asked whether I would be interested to sign up as a participant for two weekends of workshops. I said “Yes” and managed to rope in another four colleagues to join.

Malaysian teachers and Fellows enjoying learning together

My experience of learning with LRTT Fellows

The opening ceremony was amazing and I got to meet all the LRTT Fellows from the UK. I was truly inspired by my LRTT trainers (Mr Phil Bell and Ms Sian from the UK). I love the LRTT Fellows’ passion and enthusiasm for delivering their teaching methodologies and ideas. I was honoured to be given the opportunity to share my learning experience during the closing ceremony.

During our classroom sharing, all of my group members gave their full support to make our learning fun, meaningful and fruitful. For once, we are the students, eager to learn from our trainers and from one another. The differences in our ways of thinking and working were never an issue. As the Chinese saying goes, ‘_wo men shi yi jia ren_’ (我们是一家人), meaning: ‘under LRTT we are a family’.

Under LRTT we are a family

One afternoon, we were invited to observe how the Fellows teach their respective classes in their schools back home. The sharing was indeed an awakening when the Fellows shared that they encountered similar issues to us in their teaching roles. However, no matter what happens, the teaching passion must keep burning, and the students are always our main focus.

As William Butler Yates said, ‘education is not about filling a pail, but it’s all about lighting the inner fire’. We educators have the responsibility to light each child’s inner fire for learning. Teaching is supposed to be fun and engaging for students, to make their learning meaningful and memorable. Today, we take pride in leading our schools. Tomorrow, our students will make us all proud, leading the world! You can never tell where a teacher’s influence stops.

Work produced during an activity in a training session

Written by Cheam Cheng Sooi

Teacher, Chung Ling High School (Penang, Malaysia)

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