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Fellowship Update

We’re providing full flexibility for Fellows

We are delighted that you want to join the Inspiring Teachers community to make an impact and help teachers in low-resource settings go from good to great and fulfil the promise of education in their classrooms and communities.

We are optimistic vaccine rollouts will mean our Fellowship program can run this summer. We’ve been working with our partners on that basis. That said, given the ongoing uncertainty, we aren’t encouraging Fellows to book flights. We don’t think that we will be able to until after Easter.

Our flexible Fellowship policy means that Fellows have full flexibility to transfer from one Fellowship location or set of dates to any other up to 14 days before the program they will be supporting starts.

Our best advice to Fellows is to monitor the situation over the next few months. We are also extending our flexible Fellowship policy so if you are a Fellow and feel you need to defer, you will be able to transfer to 2022 via your portal. Equally, if one of our programs needs to be postponed you will be invited to join another or, defer again. While we aren’t able to rebate contributions, we’ll do everything we can to provide Fellows with support and flexibility. You can explore our 2021 and 2022 Fellowships here.

We are committed to the communities we serve

We have 1480 teachers enrolled in programs and 11 partner organizations. We are committed to supporting them in providing the best education they can to their 62,000 students. We are working hard to find ways to support them in that work while strengthening our program for future impact.

Whether this is your first fellowship or your fifth, whether you join us this summer or next, great teaching - and supporting teachers to go from good to great - will be more important than ever. We are grateful for your solidarity and commitment to the teachers and communities we support.


All of the LRTT Team