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LRTT Belize

Toledo, Southern Region


Belize Fellowship

Be part of a team of 25 inspiring educators, making an impact by facilitating energizing and evidence-based teacher training in tropical Belize. You will observe teachers in their schools and use a combination of workshops and instructional coaching to help them achieve their goals, build on their skills and improve learning outcomes in their classrooms.

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Ideal for Teachers

  • Excited to pioneer our program in a new region of Belize
  • With experience teaching at elementary/ primary or high school/secondary level
  • Motivated to collaborate with both US and Belizean teachers


Workshops and empowering instructional coaching

As a Fellow, you will support teachers in achieving their goals through a combination of observations, workshops, and coaching. Focusing on the Six Principles of Effective Teaching you will learn from, and with, teachers and help them build on their skills and bring learning to life.


Supporting teachers at primary and secondary level

For most of the teachers we work with, LRTT is the only ongoing development opportunity they are getting.

Learn more about our training model


Government primary and secondary schools in rural Belize

Your team will be working with a mixture of elementary/primary schools and high/secondary schools with limited resources and access to technology. With high-school attendance rates up to the age of 14 compulsory, the challenge now remains to ensure children are engaging with learning.


Teaching quality and high school completion are priority

While elementary/primary school completion rate has risen to 87%, one-third of students still don't complete secondary/high school, instead leaving before they turn 14. Keeping 100% of learners in school is a priority for the education system and developing teaching is part of the ministry's strategy.


Government schools and the Ministry of Education

We work closely with Ministry of Education officials to co-design a program that meets the needs of Belizian teachers and empowers them to improve learning outcomes in lower-income areas of Belize. As a Fellow, you will provide teachers with intensive personalised support through both observations, and coaching and workshops.


Toledo Region in Southern Belize

Toledo District is the southernmost district in Belize, and Punta Gorda is the District capital. It is the least developed region in the country and features some of the most pristine rainforests, extensive cave networks, coastal lowland plains, and offshore cays.


Your Journey

Week 1

"Aarait", Welcome to Belize!

Welcome to Belize - A Caribbean Paradise. After arrival into Belize City Airport, transfer to the Anglican Center guesthouse. Get inducted into the Fellowship with a welcome ceremony that covers program orientation and a chance to get to know other inspiring Fellows of your cohort.

Coaching in Schools

Kick-start the process of improving teacher effectiveness by conducting school visits and multiple observations of the local teachers in action, coupled with providing actionable feedback.

Weekend - Cave Tubing & Zipline

Take time off after a week in the classroom to discover San Ignacio famous caves by tubing through them and zip line under the rainforest canopy. Alternatively, relax in your home away from home.

Week 2

Coaching in Schools

Continue to conduct observations and provide in-person feedback with action steps that will improve the teacher’s instructional effectiveness.

Co-facilitate a Workshop

Facilitate a full-day workshop on teaching practices with all the partner teachers, organized centrally.

Weekend - Xunantunich Ruins

Head out on a day trip to Belize’s most famous Mayan site showcasing the 9th century ruins where you will get to climb the tallest building in the area to get 360-degree views of the ruins and jungle.

Week 3

Coaching in Schools

Continue to conduct observations and provide in-person feedback with action steps that will improve the teacher’s instructional effectiveness.

Weekend - Caye Caulker

Head out for two days to Caye Caulker - one of Belize’s snorkeling hotspots teeming with colourful life underwater.

Week 4

Celebrate Success

The closing ceremony provides a fitting finale to the Fellowship - a celebration of your success. Collect all the memories and transfer to Belize City Airport for your journey back home.

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Where Central America meets the Caribbean

With Caribbean Sea shorelines to the east and dense jungle to the west, Belize has a bit of everything. The Caribbean coastline is home to hundreds of low-lying islands, called Cayes, that make up a massive Barrier Reef. Belize's jungle areas are also home to Maya ruins.

You will get the chance to

  • Discover Mayan history exploring the ruins of Xunantunich
  • Snorkel over reefs off the turquoise Caribbean sea
  • Experience Caribbean beaches and culture on the beautiful Caye Caulker

Belize Experience

Belize Experience

Make the most of your time in Belize by participating in all three excursions: Caye Caulker, Cave Tubing & Zip-line, and Maya Ruins.

Caye Caulker

Caye Caulker

A two-day trip to one of the best snorkeling areas in Belize. Enjoy a half-day snorkeling on this breathtaking and beautiful trip where you will see water in amazing shades of blue and green and plenty of aquatic life!

Cave Tubing & Zipline

Cave Tubing & Zipline

Discover San Ignacio famous caves by tubing through them. Soar between trees under the rainforest canopy by zipline.

Maya Ruins

Maya Ruins

Explore some of the least crowded Maya Ruins & learn about the incredible history of the Maya people.


You might be wondering

Where do we stay?

We will stay in the small fishing town of Punta Gorda in the Frontier Inn near the local airstrip. Frontier is friendly, air-conditioned and has laundry facilities. Fellows share in rooms of 2-3.

How do we get around?

All transport in Belize is provided, including airport transfers. We use private vehicles to get to and from schools as well as for the excursions.

What's food like?

All meals are included and you’ll enjoy a range of local cuisine. A regular dish is the Caribbean classic, rice and beans, but you’ll also try stewed chicken, chimole, tamales, ceviche, and garnache amongst other meals.

What's nearby to see and do?

You’ll have plenty of time to explore the small town of Punta Gorda, which lies along the Gulf of Honduras. Enjoy the relaxing pace of this fishing town on the southern coast of Belize, visit some of the least crowded Maya ruins in the world, and relax on the beautiful beaches of Caye Caulker island.

What's the weather like?

The overall climate of Belize can be described as sub-tropical. The humidity is most noticeable along the coast. The mean annual humidity is 83%, but many days the humidity is masked by the cooling sea breezes.

What else should I know?

Belizean culture is a mix of influences and people from Kriol, Maya, East Indian, Garinagu (also known as Garifuna), Mestizo (a mixture of Spanish and Native Americans), Mennonites who are of German descent, with many other cultures from Chinese to Lebanese.


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