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LRTT Ghana

Kumasi, Ashanti Region


Ghana Fellowship

Be part of a team of inspiring educators elevating the impact of teaching in low-cost schools in the vibrant Ashanti region of Ghana. You’ll observe lessons and use a combination of workshops and instructional coaching to help teachers achieve their goals and improve learning outcomes in their classrooms.

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Ideal for Teachers

  • Interested in learning about the history and rich culture of Ghana.
  • With experience at either early childhood, primary/elementary or middle school level.
  • Keen to be involved in an early-stage Fellowship, working with dedicated and passionate Ghanaian teachers.


Workshops and instructional coaching

As a Ghana Fellow, you’ll be trained and equipped to play a crucial role as a workshop facilitator and instructional coach. You will contribute to a three-year program of support that helps principals and classroom teachers sustainably improve teaching in the Ashanti region.

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Supporting teachers at elementary and junior secondary level

We work with teachers from primary/elementary to middle school/junior secondary level. Teachers in our program average three years of classroom experience and for most, being part of an LRTT program is the only professional development they have had since entering the classroom.


Low-fee private primary schools in Kumasi

In Kumasi, many families send their children to low fee schools for around $1 per child per day. Parents choose these schools in an effort to fulfill the promise of quality education and our program helps teachers in those schools fulfill that promise.


Quality of teaching is now a national priority

Ghana made primary education free in 1996 demonstrating the nation’s recognition of the importance of education. However today, from their 11 years of schooling, it’s children average just 5.5 years worth of learning by international standards. Improving teaching is a national priority.


Ghana’s National Association of (low-fee) Private Schools

You will work alongside our partner, Ghana National Association of Private Schools (GNAPS) in the Ashanti Region to support the development of teachers working in community run schools. Partner schools are excited to welcome the next teams of Fellows and to continue to build on the success of the training and coaching.


Kumasi, in the heart of the Ashanti region

Kumasi is one of Ghana’s largest metropolitan areas. Situated in the Ashanti Region about 4 hours drive north-west of the capital, it is home to 1.5 million people. The region boasts a rich cultural history and a lush natural environment.


Your Journey

Week 1

"Maakyé", Welcome to Ghana!

Welcome To Ghana - Culture, Warmth, and Much More. After arrival into Accra Airport, transfer to Elysee Hotel in Kumasi. Get inducted into the Fellowship with a welcome ceremony that covers program orientation and a chance to get to know other inspiring Fellows of your cohort.

Coaching in Schools

Kick-start the process of improving teacher agency by conducting school visits and observing the local teachers in action in the classroom coupled with providing actionable feedback.

Weekend - Discover Lake Bosomtwe

Take a break to relax at the beautiful Lake Bosomtwe, situated inside an ancient impact crater and surrounded by lush green hills apt for hiking.

Week 2

Co-facilitate a Workshop

Co-facilitate a full-day workshop on teaching practices with all the partner teachers, organized centrally.

Coaching in Schools

Continue to conduct observations and provide in-person feedback with action steps that will improve teacher’s instructional effectiveness.

Weekend - Mole Park Safari

Embark on a 3-night trip to Mole National Park, Ghana’s first and largest national park. See the magic of the wild up close including a nocturnal safari to track hyenas and monkeys.

Week 3

Coaching in Schools

Continue to conduct observations and provide in-person feedback with action steps that will improve the teacher’s instructional effectiveness.

Transit Day

Travel South to Kumasi for the weekend in Cape Coast.

Weekend - Cape Coast Trip

Cap off your Fellowship with a trip to Cape Coast for two nights, featuring a tour of the historic Elmina Castle, a group cooking class, and a Kakum Canopy Walk.

Week 4

Celebrate Success

The closing ceremony provides a fitting finale to the Fellowship - a celebration of your success. Collect all the memories and transfer to Accra Airport for your journey back home.

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Discover Ghana

Thanks to its rich cultural history, rainforests teeming with wildlife, and coastline of mangroves and sandy beaches, Ghana is attracting more and more international visitors. Make the most of your time by combining wildlife and adventure with lakeside relaxation and time at Cape Coast.

You will get the chance to

  • Learn about the history of the slave trade at Cape Coast.
  • See elephants at sunrise.
  • Learn how to cook Ghanaian food.

Ghana Experience

Ghana Experience

Make the most of your time in Ghana by participating in all three excursions: Mole National Park Weekend, Cape Coast and Lake Bosomtwe.

Cape Coast Weekend

Cape Coast Weekend

Head to Ghana’s southern coastline for two days and discover the history of Ghana’s former capital. Take a tour of Cape Coast Castle, a historic World Heritage Site. Once a castle built on slavery, this is a moving and beautiful place to visit and reflect.

Mole Safari

Mole Safari

This is a 3-night trip to Mole National Park, Ghana’s first and largest national park. See elephants up-close and personal on a guided walking safari and experience a night safari looking out for nocturnal hyenas, and monkeys. In the afternoons you'll have the chance to relax by the pool.

Lake Bosomtwe

Lake Bosomtwe

Spend a weekend relaxing at the beautiful Lake Bosomtwe, situated inside an ancient impact crater and surrounded by lush green hills. Take a boat ride, hike through a local plantain and cocoa farm, and soak up the stunning views. Spend the night at a locally-run resort, and relax in the lodge bar. A great opportunity to get to know your team and reflect on a great week in schools.


You might be wondering

Where do we stay?

You will be staying at the Elysee Hotel in Kumasi. There are spaces to relax in the evening, play cards and board games, and plan with your teammates. The shared twin-rooms have ensuite bathrooms and air conditioning. On our travels, we stay at Pink Accra and Oasis Beach Resort Cape Coast.

How do we get around?

All in-country transport is included. We get to and from schools using buses and taxis or on foot.

What's the food like?

All meals are included and your meals will be mostly comprised of local dishes. A classic meal is Jollof rice, Fufu, “red red” beans and fresh fried fish.

There is also a selection of local restaurants and food courts nearby. Boiled water is available to drink, and extra drinks/bottled water and snacks can be bought in town.

What's nearby to see and do?

There is plenty to see and do in Kumasi! Outside of the time spent in schools, you will have time to experience the local culture and explore Kumasi, including shopping at the colorful local markets, visit local cultural sites or take an Uber to the local mall.

What's the weather like in Ghana?

Ghana’s climate is tropical. The coast belt is warm and comparatively dry. The city of Kumasi lies inland and is situated in the Ashanti region which is lush, green and wet.

What else should I know?

Teachers in our Kumasi program are in their second year in 2020 so working with them is an opportunity to build on the groundwork done in 2019 and throughout the year.


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