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LRTT Guyana

Mabaruma, Region One


Guyana Fellowship

Situated in South America, but with a Caribbean twist, Guyana is known in the education world for its progressive reforms. After landing in the historic city of Georgetown, you and your team will fly over the Amazon basin to remote Mabaruma. While there, you will observe teaching, co-facilitate workshops and use coaching to support educators in rural Guyana to achieve their goals.

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Ideal for Teachers

  • With experience at primary/elementary level
  • Interested to experience Carribean education
  • Excited to work with teachers in a small village set in a remote region


Workshops and instructional coaching

As a Fellow, you will support teachers in achieving their goals through a combination of observations, workshops, and coaching. You will focus on the Six Principles of Effective Teaching and learn from, and with, teachers while helping them build on their skills and improve outcomes in their classrooms.

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Teachers at primary and secondary level

You will be working with teachers with an average of 5 years of experience. Many teachers are not educated beyond secondary/high school level and have received little to no professional development since entering the classroom.


Rural education in the Amazon basin

Only accessible by boat and airplane, many teachers in Mabaruma lack resources available in more urban areas. Around 60% of teachers in Guyana have just secondary/high school level education, so training and professional support play a particularly crucial role.


Primary and secondary schools in Region One

Region One is remote and class sizes average 24 students. Some schools are staffed by only 3-4 teachers and it can take them up to an hour by boat to commute there each day.


Guyanese Ministry of Education schools

We work alongside the Guyanese Ministry of Education to complement their efforts in improving education. Developing the quality of teaching is a top priority and we co-develop our program with the Regional Education Office.


Rainforested rural Region One

You will work with teachers in Mabaruma - a remote farming and fishing town and community situated near the Aruka River. Mabaruma is located in rural Region One, an area of Guyana's northwest surrounded by dense rainforest.


Your Journey

Week 1

"Good Day", Welcome to Guyana!

Welcome To Guyana - A Lost World of Epic Landscapes. After arrival in Georgetown, take a city tour learning more about the city. Have a welcome meal at Dr. O’Toole’s home where you can mingle with the School of Nations staff.

Induction & On-Boarding

The induction will involve a fun welcome ceremony, detailed orientation to the program, and of course - getting to know the other inspiring Fellows of your cohort.

Kaieteur Falls & Mabaruma

Hop on a small plane to the world’s largest single-drop waterfall - Kaieteur, the surroundings of which inspired behind Arthur Conan Doyle’s ‘Lost World’. Proceed to the remote indigenous community of Mabaruma, another short flight-away, for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Coaching in Schools

Kick-start the process of improving teacher effectiveness by conducting school visits and multiple observations of the local teachers in action, coupled with providing actionable feedback.

Week 2

Coaching in Schools

Continue to conduct observations and provide in-person feedback with action steps that will improve the teacher’s instructional effectiveness.

Co-facilitate a Workshop

Co-facilitate a full-day workshop on teaching practices with all the partner teachers, organized centrally.

Week 3

Coaching in Schools

Continue to conduct observations and provide in-person feedback with action steps that will improve the teacher’s instructional effectiveness.

Weekend - Sloth Island

Cap off your Fellowship by spending two nights on Sloth Island Nature Reserve exploring aerial walkways whilst monkey and sloth spotting. Alternatively, rest it out in the capital.

Week 4

Celebrate Success

The closing ceremony provides a fitting finale to the Fellowship - a celebration of your success. Collect all the memories and transfer to Georgetown Airport for your journey back home.

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Discover Guyana

A Lost World of Epic Landscapes

Where the northern tip of the Amazon rainforest fuses with Caribbean culture, you will discover a lost world. With over 6000 species and spectacular landscapes, Guyana feels like a land before time.

You will get the chance to

  • Feel the spray coming off the world's largest single drop waterfall
  • See rivers winding across the Amazon rainforest basin from above
  • See monkeys, sloths and other animals in their natural habitat

Guyana Experience

Guyana Experience

Our Guyana experience gives you the chance to experience and further understand the country and includes both the Kaieteur Falls and the Sloth Island Resort excursions.

Kaieteur Falls

Kaieteur Falls

Kaieteur is the largest single-drop waterfall in the world and hosts an abundance of wildlife. You will get there by small plane from Georgetown, and spend a few hours exploring Kaieteur National Park where ancient landscapes were formed 500 million years ago. As the inspiration behind Arthur Conan Doyles Lost World, it will truly feel like you have stepped back into prehistory.

Sloth Island Resort

Sloth Island Resort

Spend two nights on Sloth Island Nature Reserve exploring aerial walkways, whilst monkey and sloth spotting. Visit the Amerindian villages of Goshen to experience a little of what village life is like for Guyana's indigenous communities. There will also be opportunities for swimming and kayaking. All travel, as well as food and accommodation at the nature reserve, is included.


You might be wondering

Where do we stay?

Your team will be staying in Broomes Guesthouse, overlooking the river in Mabaruma. There’s a great indoor space and the outdoor veranda is perfect for team meals, training, planning together, and social time.

How do we get around?

All transport in-country is covered, including a short internal return flight to Mabaruma. We use vehicles to get to most schools and some are within walking distance.

What's the food like?

All meals are included. Breakfast ranges from fresh fruit to pancakes and lunch and dinner include a variety of Caribbean and Western dishes. Let us know if you are vegetarian or vegan and the team will have it covered.

What's nearby to see & do?

Broomes Guesthouse is just a 10-15 minute walk from the center of Mabaruma. The outdoor bar is a great spot for sunsets, looking out over the river, and forging new friendships with your teammates.

What's the weather like?

Being part of the Amazon basin, Guyana’s weather is tropical. Temperatures range from 24 °C/75.2 °F to 29 °C/84.2 °F. It gets cooler in the evening but at low elevation, it is still warm.

What else should I know?

Guyana is South America’s only country where English is the national language, however, it has a distinct Caribbean feel to it. It’s off the beaten track and has tremendous biodiversity thanks to its millions of acres of pristine rainforest. Also widely spoken is Guyanese Creole (an English-based creole with African and East Indian syntax).


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