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Our Impact

Up-skilling and empowering teachers


11 Countries.
5000 Teachers.

Since 2012, more than 2000 LRTT Fellows from around the world have joined LRTT, leading cross-border teacher development for 5000 teachers across 11 countries, and we're just getting started.

2000 Fellows

We've mobilised more than 2000 teachers from around the world to become LRTT Fellows.

25 Districts

We've partnered with 25 locally-led education development organisations across 11 countries.

250 Schools

We continue to support more than 250 primary & secondary schools as part of our programmes.

5000 Teachers

Our Fellows have supported the development of more than 5000 classroom teachers across 11 countries.


Classroom Teacher Development

Upskilling and empowering teachers

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93%of teachers say they now feel more confident in their teaching skills.
93%of teachers say they feel more valued as a teacher after LRTT training.
95%of teachers say that LRTT has a positive impact on their community.

Classroom teachers show progress against their goals

Teachers gained in self efficacy across all three areas assessed. Data collected before and after their training shows that classroom teachers show significant progress against their goals in recognised measures.

“LRTT has provided me with new skills and ideas that have given me greater awareness of the progress of my pupils.”

Gideon, Ugandan Primary Teacher


Partner Education Development

Supporting locally-led development organisations to achieve their goals.

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100%of our partners would recommend partnering with LRTT to other education development organizations.
88%of our partners say that LRTT provides an effective professional development opportunity for teachers.
100%of our partners say that the LRTT course and training materials are relevant for the teachers we work with.
Laos Embassy
Children Might
Fundacion Paraguaya
PSD Nepal
Teach for Cambodia
Teach for Malaysia

“Partnering with LRTT helps us work towards our long term education goals.”

Zahirah Zulkifly, Senior Partnership Development Manager
Teach for Malaysia


Teaching & Leadership Development

Fellows become more engaged and grow as educators.

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93%of Fellows feel more confident in their teaching
95%of Fellows say they feel more connected to global education.
88%of Fellows say they returned to their school more passionate about education. 

Our Fellows are improving as teachers and growing as leaders.

After participating on an LRTT Fellowship, Fellows make significant gains in self efficacy. The graph shows Fellows make statistically significant gains in three areas of teaching, as assessed using the Ohio State Teacher Sense of Efficacy survey.

"Without doubt, my most valuable professional development to date."

Sam, Fellow
LRTT Tanzania