Our Partners

Together, we're improving the quality of education

How does it work?

Who are our partners?

We partner with local education authorities, education NGOs, social enterprises and organisations who share our vision and values.

Why work with us?

If your organisation is tackling the challenge of low-quality education while raising the status of the teacher profession, LRTT is here to help.

What's involved?

Our partners support LRTT in the in-country planning and delivery of our teacher training and monitor teachers' progress throughout the year.

What do we look for?

Real Need

We work in areas where resources and access to teacher training are limited, with key gaps in teaching skills and strategies. For LRTT conferences to be beneficial, teachers there must have a desire to become better teachers. 

Local Ownership

The success of our training in any community relies on our partners willingness to support LRTT in the organisation and facilitation of the conferences. The attendance at the training and the experience of our teachers visits is often largely down to our partner.


Projects are not stand-alone ventures but are a part of a longer term plan for the region. We carry out research to assess the impact of our training. Already in Uganda and Tanzania, we have generated data to show how LRTT workshops can significantly increase the efficacy of teachers.


We’re accountable to the highest standard of delivery of the course. It’s facilitated by teachers, for teachers, certificated in a meaningful way. Part of the reason we have a select number of partners is because we genuinely care about quality. If it’s got the LRTT name on it, we want it to be of the highest quality.

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