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Fellow Reviews

Hear it directly from previous Fellows

LRTT India

Anita Chagar

"As a British Indian whose family originates in the Punjab, working with in-country teachers in the LRTT North India Fellowship offered me the chance to learn more about my heritage as well as help build a better future for the local children."

LRTT Ghana

Victoria Kause

"Before the fellowship, I wasn’t confident in myself as an educator. I’m newer to the profession, I’m still learning my way around an effective classroom, but working with fellows of all different teaching backgrounds and experience made it such an effective experience. I have grown in my own self-confidence as a person and a teacher! I cannot wait to show my coworkers and my administrators that I’ve grown and in specific ways."

LRTT Cambodia

Ansley Bridges

"LRTT was far beyond the amazing experience I expected. The teachers I met and worked with, both Cambodian and LRTT fellows alike, are people that I will be connected with for years to come and I am sure I will continue to learn from. This experience further grew my passion for global education and helped me grow as an educator myself. I cannot recommend LRTT enough!"

LRTT Cambodia

Susan Jacobs

"LRTT provided me with an amazing way to see the world through a different lens. Both as a teacher and a person. The opportunities I had with other fellows from around the world and the in country teachers gave me a new perspective on the world and the people who live in it. It was an incredible experience that I will never forget! LRTT is opening the door to countries who desperately need the experience of teachers from around the globe to help each other and their students be successful. Thank you!"

LRTT Uganda

Barry Robert Adams

"As I planned for this trip I had no idea that I needed to prepare myself for the internal changes that were about to take place. I left a single person not knowing anyone else on the trip. As I was on the fellowship i grew to develop friends amongst the other fellows and the in country teachers. I would have never thought that by the end of the trip these friendships would turn into a family. I am so thankful that a part of me has been left in Uganda and a part of Uganda is now with me. Thanks to LRTT I know myself and how I fit into the world a whole lot more, Thanks!!!"

LRTT Nepal

Richard Vaughan

"It was an enlightening experience. It gave me the chance to visit a different country and culture and leave feeling like I've really made a difference. The teachers were very enthusiastic and the team of Fellows were brilliant, I feel like I've made a lot of great new friends. I'd recommend this to anyone who wants to rejuvenate their love for teaching or to learn more about yourself."


"LRTT opens doors to amazing experiences and amazing friendships."

Rachel Luney, LRTT Cambodia

LRTT Tanzania

Maria Landeira Frias

"It’s been an amazing experience and I think is the right way to support a developing country, 'give them the tools to progress, don’t try and do it for them'."

LRTT Uganda

Rachel Finney

"LRTT has allowed me to simultaneously grow as a person and a professional in a way that just isn’t possible within my comfort zone."

LRTT Uganda

Robert Dinsmore

"LRTT is a highly rewarding experience, and will remind you of the privilege all teachers share in being able to make a difference."

LRTT Uganda

Sarah Fearn

"Every teacher should complete an LRTT fellowship! Open your eyes to the world and connect with teachers around the world, learn from them and remember what is so special about this profession. We all share that passion and commitment to changing the world through the lives of the next generation and it was a privilege to be a part of the team. Thank you LRTT for the experience and I hope I will return again. Life changer!"

LRTT Ghana

Megan O'Doherty

"Traveling to Ghana with LRTT was an absolutely life changing experience. I have come back with an indescribable feeling, teaching friends and connections from around the world, and a renewed passion for global education. LRTT's mission is so important, and after working with in-country teachers and hearing their feedback I know how valued their work is by both in-country teachers and the participating fellows."

LRTT Cambodia

Abby McAnally

"I cannot even begin to describe my LRTT Journey, it was truly life-altering for the best. I am so privileged to have worked with an incredible LRTT team and the Teach for Cambodia group. Every time I think about my trip I am filled with happy and positive memories. I have made life-long friendships and strong teaching colleagues around the world. This is a program that is so necessary for every teacher to do- It is a program that strengthens access to education for every student and teacher involved."


A perfect balance of professional and personal pursuits that combine to create an unforgettable experience

Annette Gilbert

LRTT Cambodia

Jennifer Gayda

"In preparing for my LRTT trip, I was so excited to work with the in country teachers and make a difference. I was so focused on what I would be giving, but I had no idea how much I would get. I did not realize was how much I would learn from the other teachers on my trip. I am returning to my school a more motivated, confident, and experienced teacher. I have seen the impact of this program on everyone involved and I think we all left feeling excited to get back into the classroom."

LRTT Tanzania

Ruth Jarvis

"My experience in Tanzania was absolutely phenomenal. From the life long friends I have made, to the inspiring in country teachers I worked with and the amazing children. I have gained more from this experience than I could ever give back, or put into words. It has changed me, made me a better teacher and human being - and I cant wait to go back."

LRTT Ghana

Sarah Thompson

"Such a valuable, worthwhile experience that reignites your passion for education and reminds you how teachers themselves really are our best resource. Seeing the impact we can have, first hand, in such a short space of time, is both inspiring and motivating because it shows how we can always be doing more, all over the world, to better outcomes for our children."

LRTT India

David Coates

"I have had the most amazing time in India, both in schools with the in-country teachers and the warm camaraderie between Fellows. I have grown so much as a person and as a teacher, and have become with a fascinating new culture."

LRTT Nepal

Angelina Downs

"I absolutely loved my LRTT Chitwan, Nepal fellowship! It's such a beautiful part of the country! And, working with the local teachers was a life changing experience! I cant wait to do it again!"

LRTT Malaysia

Elizabeth Currie

"LRTT was an amazing experience for me from start to finish. I feel really lucky to have worked with such inspiring teachers in the schools and within the fellowship. Thank you so much :)"


This experience taught me that it is the teachers, not the resources, that make the magic in the classroom.

Jamie Joyce

LRTT Tanzania

Kathryn Honey

"LRTT has delivered an incredible and life changing summer. To work with in country teachers has rebooted my passion for education and I’ve left with a wealth of new skills to take on to my next year of teaching. What a privilege to work and collaborate with such inspirational teachers and children."

LRTT India

Denise Evans

"The best part is being able to watch the teachers grow and try new things you have showed them. You will also be taking strategies back to your classroom to try as well. You will see that the global world of education is the same than different, but working and having a mindset can change the world."

LRTT Malaysia

Salma Miskeen

"LRTT has given me an amazing opportunity to have a global perspective on education. Working with in-Service teachers has given me new strategies to implement in my classroom. Exchanging knowledge and cultural exchange has been phenomenal which has contributed immensely to my personal and professional growth. Thank you LRTT"

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