We run mutually empowering, cross-border teacher development

Our 3-4 week long teacher fellowships bring teachers from economically developed countries to upskill and energise teaching communities in contexts where people live on less than $5 a day.

Global Partnerships, Empowering Impact.


Qualified Teachers

We’ve welcomed Fellows from over 30 countries worldwide. Whether a teacher is relatively new to teaching or they've been in education for 20 years, they've got something valuable to share.


Instructional Coaching

An LRTT Fellowship brings together teams of 15-30 teachers from around the world to co-design and lead 3-4 week long instructional coaching programmes that up-skill and empower in-country teachers.


Low Resource Contexts

Our programmes take place in 11 countries around the world. We work in partnership with locally led organisations to support teaching transformation in contexts where people live on less than $5 a day.


Teacher Summer Breaks

Our Fellowships coincide with school holidays. With start dates in January, June, July, and August, Fellowships are accessible to teachers from the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand.

Teaching is the single most important factor influencing learning in schools.

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Fellows co-design & plan professional development sessions with Team Leaders & in-country partners

Fellows lead workshops to support in-country teachers to develop mindset, knowledge, and skills.

Fellows conduct short lesson observations to support feedback and promote reflective practice.

Fellows lead instructional coaching to support in-country teachers to master new teaching strategies.

Fellows champion a culture of collaboration and support in-country teachers to cultivate peer support.

Fellows support in-country teachers to complete pre and post training self assessment surveys.


What do you look for in applicants?

We look for adaptable, creative and teachers who are team players. We value initiative, resilience and cultural sensitivity. Applicants must be qualified teachers with at least one year of teaching experience when the fellowship begins.

How should I decide which fellowship to apply for?

Each Fellowship is unique. We recommend applying the location you are most excited about visiting. Fellowships do fill up and you'd like to, you can switch country or date you later. Our programme is tweaked to fit each context we work in.

What's included and where do teams stay?

Fellowship fees are cover all your training, transport, food, accommodation and our staffing. Our teams stay together in accommodation rangeing from our lodge overlooking the Bwindi Forest in Uganda to Kathmandu townhouses.

What's included and where do fellows stay?

In 2018, we had 1700 teachers apply for 500 places. The first step is to apply online. Second is an interview with a team leader for the fellowship you apply for. Finally, your membership deposit fee secures your place.

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