The Journey

Bug spray, passport, phone charger… I sit and go over my final packing list with 6 hours left to board my flight to Ghana via London. My excitement is high after applying in January, working on e-learns, setting up a gofundme campaign and spreading the word about the awesome opportunity I was about to embark on. It was almost time to GO!

I could not believe I would be meeting a group of educators from all over the world. Educators, like me, who wanted to help fellow educators and students by putting our mark on the world towards positive educational change.

Book in hand and eye mask ready, I board my flight for the 8 hour journey to London. After a very long journey that including having some of my toiletries taken, my luggage missing the flight, and having to go through security multiple times, I finally make it to my gate. I meet a my fellow LRTT member, Mark, and proceeded to board the plane.

It took us six hours to fly to Accra, Ghana. While I go through the necessary security checks, I meet Lauren from Kansas, another LRTT Fellow. Mark, Lauren and I gather our bags and change our money to Cedis. Finally, we meet Ines our Team Leader and the rest of the LRTT Fellows. We exited the airport, and l squeeze into the van that would be taking us to our home away from home. Despite jet lag, we introduce ourselves and listen to a brief overview from Ines as we try to hold on during our very bumpy ride.


We arrive at our home base in Ghana, and I meet my roommates. We were based at Ashesi University, a beautiful place where I will spend the next 23 days. The first day begins with smiles and hugs from our three Team Leaders and learning about each other, our new LRTT family, and our mission in Ghana. I’m excited to work with unique group of people from different backgrounds experiences, and expertise for me to learn from.

Next we meet our Teach For Ghana fellows- an amazing group of 39 educators dedicating their lives to education in Ghana. Here I am, in the midst of this movement ready to coach, advise, train, and model best practices. The Teach for Ghana fellows were incredible. They were energetic, welcoming us with hugs and high fives and a dance party. They were also respectful and conservative. But the fellows were always open and willing for LRTT to share our expertise.

I was fortunate enough to become close with two Fellows, teachers with loads of charisma and a great sense of humor who knew when to get serious. From the very beginning, they both were very receptive to all feedback and we frequently combined our groups that included five other Teach for Ghana fellows and two other LRTT fellows. This allowed me to work in functional small groups and teach specific topics directly to the fellows I would be working with. I jumped right into the whole experience

LRTT Ghana allowed me to use my passions, public speaking and coaching, in order to work with thirty-nine Teach for Ghana fellows. My Fellowship consisted of 10 days, 100 professional development hours, and countless powerpoints. I would not have changed it for the world, all of the Teach for Ghana fellows with smiles and energy to light the world no matter what time of day made everything worthwhile.

Back in the USA

I’m now home and wishing I was back in Ghana, especially when I receive updates from from Ghanaian fellows I worked with. I consider all the fellows a part of my life, I will continue to communicate with these special people as they work to change the educational landscape for good. However, my work is not done! Time ran out on my journey but my dedication to the fellows and my belief that every child deserves a great teacher is just the beginning. I have engraved in my heart a love for people, education, and life.

By Raven Casseus

LRTT Ghana Fellow

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