The classroom bell rings for the final time of term, the children pour out with smiles on their faces, excited for a summer of days out, video games and sleepovers.

But what about you?

You lean back in your chair and take a minute to enjoy the quiet classroom, reflecting on the year. Of course you’re probably more excited than the children for a break.

But what now? What will you do? How will you ensure you make the most of this period?

There are a variety of things that teachers love to do with their summer holidays, so if you’re stuck for ideas or curious about what other teachers do - read on!

Catching up on sleep

This goes without saying. Recharging the batteries after a long year of teaching, staying late marking, and lesson planning. A few weeks without Sunday night anxiety and lazy lie-ins is a godsend, enjoy them!

Doing odd jobs

That tile in the bathroom has been loose for 5 months and you’ve had the wallpaper there to redecorate the spare bedroom for the last 3 months…Start your break by writing down all of the tasks you want to catch up on that get away from you during the school term. Your summer holidays may well be the time you get those odd jobs done.


Teachers spend a good amount of time reading during their summer holidays, next years curriculum, new school standards and of course a novel or two… and who knows, maybe this is all happening on a nice beach somewhere!

Take a look at some online book groups on Facebook for good book recommendations and great discussions!


We all need time to recharge our batteries and what better way to do this than with a couple of weeks in the sun?! Swimwear on, drink in hand, not a care in the world!

Even if you can’t get away this summer, you can always play tourist in your own area. Take a look online at local attractions, brunch spots, or hikes that you haven’t done before and get exploring!


Many teachers often use their time off to give back to their local community, getting involved with and organising volunteer work. Be it helping out at the local homeless project, organising a recycling drive, or giving elderly people some company, there is likely to be plenty of opportunities nearby to get involved.

Undergoing Professional Development

Yes, as most of a teachers free time is during the summer holidays, this is when much of the PD surrounding education takes place. Many teachers will find themselves in a conference room during this period, learning about the latest teaching practice and advancing their career.

Taking part in a teaching Fellowship abroad

Yes that’s right! With LRTT, you can tick all of these boxes and make the most of your summer holiday as a volunteer teacher coach overseas. And here, are just six reasons why…

Fellowship - We bring teachers from all over the globe together to share their knowledge and skills with educators who often get very limited teacher training and professional support. You’ll be part of a team of 25 teachers sharing a transformational experience.

Passion - Reignite your passion for teaching. You’ll work closely with a small group of teachers leading them through a cycle of instructional coaching aimed at promoting mastery of classroom strategies. This is a chance to build authentic relationships. An LRTT Fellowship will help and challenge you to reflect on ‘what makes a great teacher’.

Impact - Rather than teaching children, LRTT global volunteers facilitate informed and contextually relevant face-to-face teacher development programmes that up-skill and empower teachers to unlock learning in their classrooms.

Growth - Stepping out of your comfort zone and challenging yourself is one of the most effective ways to grow as an educator. Because our international fellowships bring teachers together across contexts, they are both a skill-sharing opportunity and a cultural exchange.

Progression - The best way to progress, is to grow as a leader. With LRTT you’ll build game-changing leadership skills in a supportive and exciting environment. 97% of fellows said they felt more confident as a teacher and leader after participating in an LRTT Fellowship. Many Fellows go on to join more Fellowships, either as return Fellows, or Team Leaders.

Adventure - From tracking Gorillas in Uganda to experiencing the world’s tallest single drop waterfall in Guyana. From the Taj Mahal, to the temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, experience the wildlife, culture and adventure of a lifetime during your fellowship. There really is nothing like it!

So why not swap your usual summer for one that will give you everything you could possibly want as a teacher? More than 2000 inspiring teachers around the world have joined an LRTT Fellowship - find out where LRTT could take - and transform your regular holiday into a summer that you’ll never forget.

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