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Our vision

LRTT is an organization that leads teacher training in developing countries, where teachers receive little or no formal training. In building a global teacher movement, our mission is to improve the quality of education and promote lifelong opportunities for all.

Your objective

Produce 2-3 short documentary-style films to feature on the LRTT website and social media channels. The films will capture the overall objectives of the LRTT Fellowships, follow the journey of LRTT Fellows and participating teachers, and show the overall impact that LRTT is having on education in the area.

The Filmmaker Role

Working to a brief

Prior to travel you will receive training in narrative documentary filmmaking, take part in practical workshops to develop your skills in filming an effective interview, and be given a clear brief of what LRTT is looking for from your films. LRTT provide all Filmmakers with pre-departure support to help you prepare for the technical and logistical challenges of filming on location.

Filming on location

On arrival to your filmmaker Fellowship location your role is to capture all aspects of the project, from the local surroundings and educational context, the training conferences and observations in action, and thoughts and reflections of the individuals and organisations involved. The Team Leaders will be your main point of contact during the project to provide direction.

Producing a first-cut

A rough-cut (or assembly edit) will be requested by LRTT at the end of the project. In order to stick to this deadline, it will be important to dedicate time during the trip to edit down the footage. Following this, we will provide you with feedback and support through the different phases of editing until we're all happy with the final video.

Showcasing your films

On return home, you'll have time to re-draft and polish your videos ready for our annual LRTT Film showcase event. This is an opportunity for you to invite friends and family to see your work, as well as potential employers. Soon after being showcased, your videos will be added to the LRTT website and used as part of LRTT's recruitment campaigns.

Filmmaker Fellowship Locations























Hear it from our Filmmakers



The opportunity to play an integral role in the LRTT team and share the impact of the work being done exceeded all my expectations. t was a pleasure being able work with such an inspiring team of enthusiastic and supportive teachers and leaders. If you're an aspiring filmmaker considering joining LRTT - I'd just say do it, seriously, life's too short to miss such an opportunity and the impact you have is the most satisfying feeling. You'll come back craving more.



Joining LRTT has turned out to be one of the most defining decisions of my career. After initially travelling to Uganda, I returned, on a paid basis, to Nepal and Laos. LRTT has given me incredible opportunities to develop my skills as a filmmaker as well as providing me with amazing memories and an ever growing showreel of content from around the world.



I had such an amazing time in Ghana. The experience with LRTT was very different to other projects I've done. I've got so much valuable footage as well as getting to know so many amazing people.



It was definitely one of the most experiences I've had. The programme gave me a chance to build up my video portfolio whilst travelling an experiencing an incredible part of the world.



The LRTT filmmaker Fellowship has been amazing for me in developing my skills as a story teller and documentary film-maker. It's led to more work back home, so for that I have a lot to thank LRTT for.

Featured Film

Watch Matilde's film from our Nepal Fellowship

If you think you could film and produce a film like Matilde's, apply to join the team today.

What's next?

Selection Process

Apply online

Once you've submitted your application you can expect to hear from one of the team leaders within 48 hours.

Speak to our team

As part of our commitment to high-quality films, we conduct 30-40 minute phone interviews with all applicants.

Confirm your place

If successful, you'll receive a congratulatory call or email from a project leader who will explain how to confirm your place.

Join the team

Once we have received confirmation of your place, you will be welcomed onto the team via email and facebook.

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