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Inspiring teachers,
we need you

Be part of an inspiring team of educators leading teacher training abroad this summer

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Bringing Inspiring Teachers Together

Spend 3-4 weeks supporting teachers in 1 or 11 countries

We bring teachers together from developed countries to provide training for teachers in places where people live on less than $5/day.

Make an impact and share unforgettable experiences

Become an LRTT Fellow and join a team of qualified and dedicated teachers to co-facilitate training for teachers in low resource contexts.

Join a global community of inspiring teachers

More than 2500 teachers from over 35 countries have become LRTT Fellows since 2012, supporting over 7,500 teachers.


Mutually empowering teacher development

As teachers, we never stop learning - and one of the most valuable and impactful ways to keep growing is by sharing our experience with other teachers. LRTT Fellowships bring teachers with diverse backgrounds and experiences together during their summer break, to help each other master their craft.

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A global teacher movement

An LRTT Fellowship is the perfect opportunity for teachers looking to combine highly effective teacher development and unforgettable travel experience. Our Fellows come from all over the world, but mostly the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

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To get every child learning

Every child has the right to quality education and teaching is the single biggest factor influencing learning in schools. Yet too many teachers around the world lack the training and the support they need to make this a reality. Our mission is to upskill and empower teachers to get every child, in every classroom, learning.

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Up-skilling & empowering teachers

Since 2012, more than 2000 LRTT Fellows from around the world have joined LRTT, leading cross-border teacher development for 5000 teachers across 11 countries, and we're just getting started. Classroom teachers show progress against their goals and Fellows grow as teachers and leaders.

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All during your summer break

All Fellowships run during the holidays so teachers from the US, UK, and Australia are able to participate. With a range of locations and start dates to choose from, there is a Fellowship for every teacher.

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Start your journey today

To apply to join an LRTT Fellowship, we invite you to complete a short application form to share your teaching experience and explain your motivations for joining. From there, you'll speak to one of our team to review your suitability and support you in joining the team.

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Six reasons to become an LRTT Fellow

Grow as an educator

Train as a coach, and share your skills to support five teachers in achieving their goals.

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Be Part of a Team

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Sharing transformation experiences with like-minded teachers you’ll build lasting friendships.

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Make an Impact

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Stepping beyond your own classroom you'll contribute to educational equity in a new setting.

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Reignite your Passion

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Supporting teachers in their development you’ll experience a replenishing sense of fulfilment.

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Accelerate your Career

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Invest in yourself, building leadership skills by in a supportive and new environment.

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Go on an Adventure

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Travel with purpose and experience the very best of wildlife, culture and adventure.

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High Impact

The LRTT Fellowship equates to a minimum of 100 hours of leadership development for Fellows.

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Our Fellowships take place during summer break for teachers from USA, UK, Australia & New Zealand.

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Founded by 5 teachers in 2012, LRTT is run by teachers committed to reducing educational inequalities.

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LRTT is a proud B-Corp member, and runner-up at the Pan-African Awards for Entrepreneurship in Education in 2013.

Global Goals
Teach for All
Teach First
Teach for America
Teach for Australia
Fair Education Alliance